Annie Preece Artwork

Annie Preece is a painter and muralist currently living and working out of Los Angeles.

Annie in the finale of Street Art ThrowdownGrowing up in the San Francisco Peninsula among a highly artistic family, Annie first displayed a talent for drawing at age five. Eleven years later, she had become a staple of the graffiti scene and one of the few female guerrilla artists in the city.

At twenty-eight, Annie picked up a paintbrush for the first time and started bringing her craft to the canvas. Despite no formal art training, her vibrant and irreverent style became a hit with collectors, including a number of celebrity buyers.

Since then, she has produced commissions for high-profile clients such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Bull, Metro LA, the X-Games, Hasbro, Polaroid, and Warner Bros Music, just to name a few. She has a clothing line by Prince Peter, is a winner of the Redbull Canvas Cooler competition, and has been featured in publications such as InStyle, LA Canvas, and Complex Magazine.

In 2014, Annie had her first major solo show at the renowned street art gallery Lab Art. She has exhibited successfully in San Francisco, New York, and Miami as part of the annual Art Basel festival.

In 2015, Annie was a featured artist on the first ever street art reality competition “Street Art Throwdown” on the Oxygen network and unveiled her second major solo exhibition at Lab Art in Dallas.

Cheeky, brash, sometimes political, and almost always askew, Annie is an artistic voice that won’t shut up anytime soon.

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